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I don’t think folks picking this one up will meet with any disappointment.

G R Matthews; Fantasy Faction

A princess with a rebellious streak, and flair with a sword.

A weapons-master with an illicit secret.

And the unstoppable advancement of Dusk.

Welcome to the Age of Ku.

Fear’s Union

Book #1 of the Age of Ku

My first foray into the world of writing, so it'll probably be rewritten at some point. Just a caution...

James Hockley

Anejo has always battled against the natural order of things – she is nobility, but she plays at being a soldier. And her reckless streak often brings her notoriety, where all she actually wants is to hide away. Trouble follows where she treads, but will she be a force for good or a force for bad?

And Keles has the unenviable task of controlling Anejo. But he also has his own agenda, and he is having an illicit affair – with Anejo’s friend no less. That too is becoming a burden he can no longer bear. Will he be able to shed his problems and fulfil his potential?

Because in the meantime, enemies are circling and conflict gathers. There are dangers stalking the borders, and a darker menace looms large. But even allies are not dependable, and perhaps the greatest threat is from within. A lot will rest on Anejo’s narrow shoulders; including the continued liberation of her country.