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About Me

This is me. Check out the book themed wallpaper in the background!

Why write fantasy novels?

Well, it’s simple really.  I love the escapism of a fantasy novel (whole new worlds and all that), and I love to create things.  Put the two together, and there really is no other option.  Well, apart from the day job, but the less said about that the better!

I live in Bristol (UK) with my wife and children who are awesome (no reflection on me I’m sure).  Bristol’s great, apart from all the rain, but nowhere’s perfect.  When I’m not being a dad (often) or a husband (less often), I like to sit and listen to music and write.  I can do it for hours.

I started writing in about 2001, and only now do I think my books are good enough to be shared.  I believe that hard work and practice are fundamental to improvement, and I will continue to write to this philosophy.  Hopefully you’ll come along with me!